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Amazing Tapping Sequence – Circa 1965

Eddie Van Halen is known, by many, as the father of the guitar technique referred to as tapping. Many a guitarist list Van Halen as a major influence in their playing, and many guitar players that we have covered here use tapping frequently in their playing.

Many also credit Eddie Van Halen with inventing tapping, as well (side note – I think that’s a bad term “inventing” – I prefer popularized, but I digress), but that cannot be the case. Case, in point, the following video.

Now, this video has been around for awhile, and has over 1 million views. But it’s an amazing recording! The playing is sensational! He implements multi-finger techniques, and then amazing section where he taps the bass line of the song while using his pinky finger to strum the chord patterns below it. Awesome!


Note: The dialog is in Italian. If anyone knows the players’ name, I would really appreciate you let me know.



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