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Beethoven Shreds from The Great Kat

The Great Kat is a roller coaster ride of pumped-up renditions of Classical music and metal. She rocks Beethoven with more energy than a fighter jet! Precise and amazing slicing through the classics at warp speed. Perfect for anyone that loves classical and rock all wrapped up in an outrageous out of this world package. Whew!

Track Listing

  1. Flight Of The Bumble-Bee (0:42)
  2. Beethoven’s 5th Symphony (1:13)
  3. Torture Techniques (1:05)
  4. Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto #3 (1:40)
  5. IslamoFascists (0:50)
  6. Bach’s Art Of The Fugue (0:32)
  7. Paganini’s Caprice #24 (1:29)

Listen to samples or purchase the whole album below.



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