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Crowd Chant Live from Joe Satriani

Joe puts a lot of emotion into his live performances. In a “meet a greet” I was able to attend with him, he made the comment that the more the crowd is into the performance, the more they will play. I believe the comment he made was related to “Flying In A Blue Dream”, but it shows how “in tune” he is with audience (bad pun, I know).

This song, “Crowd Chant”, is an example of Joe sharing with the audience. During the song, he plays a quick riff, and the audience then “chants” it back to him. It’s a ton of fun to do live, and it’s almost as much fun watching it.

I hope you enjoy watching it as the fans there live did in joining in.

This is from his Joe Satriani: Satriani Live! DVD. Highly recommended!



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