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Guitarist E.V.G. Re-releases Popular Album ‘V.2’

The virtuoso guitarist known internationally as E.V.G. has re-released his popular full-length instrumental LP record, “V.2.” The LP has been published proudly as an independent release around the world without the involvement of a parent company or other corporate music entity. The record is the second collection of original songs by E.V.G. to be released to music fans worldwide, and appeared on online music vendor shelves on 9 March 2015. Melodic, highly textured, and boasting some of the most creative and colorfully composed music to be heard from either indie experts or industry professionals in recent memory, “V.2” from E.V.G. is instrumental music that will appeal to true music aficionados and those searching for original soundtrack material alike.

E.V.G.’s “V.2” contains nine original songs for an approximate total of half an hour’s worth of exquisite listening. Each track is distinct from the others, bearing both its own emotional and narrative directions. A complexity in terms of instrumentation and melodic pacing easily allows for repeat and successive listens, so that any one LP from E.V.G. can feasibly be played three or four times running without any of the tracks becoming tiresome.

Particularly with regard to “V.2,” his included selections have such widely varied characters from one another that while the overall mood is somewhat more ethereal and dreamy than his earlier and later material, the tracks cannot be described as a whole. Some of his numbers are jazzy and bluesy, others very rock-influenced. There is a duet, and even a polka, which may seem unlikely, coming as it does from an electric guitar master, but the effect is something which must be heard to be appreciated.

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