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Jimmy Page Discusses His Future

What does the immortal Jimmy Page do, now that he has finished the work he started several years ago to release deluxe expanded versions of the final three Led Zeppelin albums?

“Playing the guitar, that’s what it is. I’ll have the time now to be able to put that passion and energy and focus into playing the guitar.”

“Well, I’m going to work on the guitar or guitars plural, because I’m known to play in so many different styles and that’s what I am, so I just want to get there and just basically reconnect with all of these things and see what happens. Now that all of the ZEPPELIN stuff has come out, I have the freedom to be able to make new music, manifest new music and be seen to be playing, as opposed to just rumored to be playing.”

Comments courtesy of Blabbermouth, via The Pulse Of Radio.



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