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Learn the Modes – Guitar Theory Lessons

I have been playing guitar for almost 25 years now, and sadly, I can’t tell you what scale to play over what chord progression, or even what notes go with what scale/mode. So I have decided I’m going to stop try to learn riffs and dedicate my spare time to understanding the theory behind the music.

If you’re like me, this may seem intimidating! So what I am planning to do is collect various lessons from across the Internet and list here. These lessons will cover guitar theory and the modes related to guitar.

As always, if you have a great resource, please share!

Joe Satriani’s Lesson ‘On the Modes’

Part 2 from Joe Satriani

How to apply the modes – Part one (How to play any mode, in any key, with any scale shape)

I will post more as I find them.



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