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Recommend Your Favorite Guitar Player

As I have mentioned before, the idea for this website was hatched one day when I was browsing Youtube and saw some a video from a guitar player I had, up to that point, never heard of. His name was Guthrie Govan. I was blown away by his playing and ...

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New To Me – Daniele Gottardo

So when a guitar icon like Steve Vai says that he’s following a particular guitar player, it makes you think the guy (or gal) MUST be good. Well, that is what Steve is saying about one Daniele Gottardo, a guitar player, composer, arranger, and educator from Italy.

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Live Stream Gary Holt’s Guitar Clinic

Gary Holt Guitar Clinic -

Exodus and Slayer guitarist Gary Holt will take part in a live guitar clinic performance today (Friday, August 28) from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. PDT from the warehouse at 850 Calle Plano in Camarillo, California. Attend in person or stream live via LiveStream for viewers unable to attending ...

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Tears of Sahara – Tony MacAlpine

In honor of hoping Tony has a speedy recovery, here’s a live clip of Tony MacAlpine and his band, accompanied by Nili Brosh, performing “Tears of Sahara” from the 1987 album “Maximum Security.”

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Cryin’ – Joe Satriani

As stated before, “The Extremist” from Joe Satriani is one of my “must have” albums, and is usually on any device that I carry my music on. It’s one of those albums that just changed my perception of guitar playing. It was my true introduction into the music of Joe ...

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