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Tony MacAlpine and Jeff Loomis Play “Square Circles”

Fans of rock, metal, and shred guitar will geek out over this performance! Tony MacAlpine performs “Square Circles” from his album “Concrete Gardens,” featuring EMG artist Jeff Loomis as a guest soloist. The two generations of shredders dual it out on the EMGtv stage with Nili Brosh, Pete Griffin on ...

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The Legend Stevie Ray Vaughan Live at El Mocambo from 1983

Here is Stevie Ray at the beginning of his fame, his first album with his backing band Double Trouble, Texas Flood, having just been released to critical and popular acclaim. The venue is the El Mocambo club in Toronto, a dark, smoky joint with a laid-back but appreciative clientele. Vaughan, ...

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Danny Gatton’s “Telemaster” Guitar Lesson

In this lesson, blistering country guitar star Danny Gatton teaches you an endless array of harmonic techniques, volume and tone control usage for pedal steel effects, B3 organ effects, jazz chord and mode juxtapositions and substitutions, new blues progressions, jazz/country styles and pick-and-finger independence. He also works on banjo-style rolls, ...

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