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Pat Travers To Release “Retro Rocket” March 17th

Even after three and half decades of smoking hot guitar licks, powerful vocal performances, and just plain kick ass, foot stomping rock & roll, legendary guitar slinger Pat Travers is still firing on all boosters! Fresh off the Rock Legends Cruise in February, Travers takes the helm of another ship with Retro Rocket, a powerful new album of studio recordings to be released by Purple Pyramid Records on March 17. Then, he’ll hit the road again with his superb band playing shows across the U.S. throughout March and April.

As its name suggests, Retro Rocket finds Travers digging deep into the early years of his outstanding career, finding inspiration in the fiery grooves of 1978’s Heat In The Street and, of course, his monumental 1979 live album Go For What You Know. The lead off track, “I Always Run,” kicks things into high gear with a multi-layered, guitar chugging hard rock thumper that shows this veteran rocker isn’t about to slow his pace. And even when things do slow down, like the first half of the gospel-tinged “Who Can You Turn To,” it turns out to be mere build up to a massive climax of shredding solos, monster drum fills, and all out frenzied rock ecstasy. Travers’ voice shines throughout the album, seeming to only get better, more raw, more passionate with age; must be all that cocaine drinkin’ and whiskey snortin’! When you’ve had a career as long and as rich as Travers, to be releasing an album with this much energy and passion is quite a feat indeed, and hard rock fans young and old should not miss this ride of a lifetime!

Track Listing:

  1. I Always Run
  2. Searching For A Clue
  3. Who Can You Turn To
  4. Up Is Down
  5. Mystery At The Wrecking Yard
  6. You Can t Get Their From Hare
  7. I Am Alive
  8. I Wanna Be Free
  9. Hellbound Train
  10. Looking Up (Live) [CD ONLY]
  11. Lead Me Home (Theme from The Walking Dead – Bonus Track/CD ONLY)

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