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Tierra Del Fuego by George Lynch

Last week I posted my thoughts on one of my favorite George Lynch songs “I Will Remember” from the album Sacred Groove. Another song NOT to be missed on this album is “Tierra Del Fuego.”

Here’s a comment from Guitar Nine about the song that I was previously unaware of:

“Tierra Del Fuego” is significant because it features major shred, as Lynch jams with Long Beach guitar monster Derryl Gabel, who won a contest to jam with Lynch on this track.

This is another great rack from the master! Some of my favorite parts are:

  • The first verse, starting at the 0:15 mark
  • I just LOVE nylon string playing – check out from the 0:53 to 1:12 and again from 2:28 to 2:41
  • Class Lynch solo starting at 2:59 – tapping and legato all over the place!

Hope you dig it as much as I!



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