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Three Minute Warning from Liquid Tension Experiment (Staff Pick)

I’m not ashamed to say I am a HUGE John Petrucci fan, having been listened to Dream Theater from their “Images and Words” disk on, after I saw the video for “Pull Me Under” and was just blown away.

So it’s not a reach to think I would be drawn to the self-titled Liquid Tension Experiment from then-current members John Petrucci and Mike Portnoy, along with future member Jordan Rudess and Tony Levin. And especially to the track “Three Minute Warning”.

On it’s own, it’s an amazing song! But then when you take the story of the song into context, it truly shows the musicianship of each individual.

As the story goes Tony Levin wanted to jam, as opposed to Petrucci and Portnoy wanting to carefully write each piece out. Levin finally had had enough and said “If we don’t start jamming in 3 minutes, I’m leaving!” They conceded, jammed, and this was the result.

Below are just a few of my favorite parts:

  • Guitar portion starting at 2:45
  • Keyboard portion starting at 5:34 (love Jordan Rudess) which leads to…
  • Awesome guitar solo starting at 6:40!
  • Shredd fans will dig Petrucci’s portion starting at 11:00 leading to…
  • A gendre swing starting at 12:22
  • Another great guitar part starting at 15:00
  • A back-and-forth between Petrucci and Rudess at 23:30

These are just a few samples of what makes this song great. Add in the fact it was a jam w/ no real writing involved? All I can say is “Wow!!!”



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