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Animal Instinct - Gary Hoey Animal Instinct (Gary Hoey) - Just a fabulous album.  I was first turned onto this album after hearing "Hocus Pocus" one time on the radio.  I went and bought the tape (I know – WOW!) and checked it out.  I was not disappointed. It hits you right from the beginning with "Mass Hysteria", and then jumps from genre to genre […]
Travis Larson - Rate of Change Rate of Change (Travis Larson) - When I listen to TLB’s “Rate of Change” I take a journey. And as I listen again and again, I notice more and more of the musical scenery along the way. From the opening notes (and fancy footwork of drummer Dale Moon) of Sticks and Stones, the listener embarks on a path that varies from […]
Mr. Scary Live from George Lynch Mr. Scary Live from George Lynch - We cannot possibly post any George Lynch songs without posting the now infamous “Mr. Scary.” Below is a version shot live on the HDNet broadcast. It’s one of the better versions available for streaming. Nice close-ups of George shredding away! Listen, enjoy, and remember the awesome 80′s!
I will Remember – George Lynch (Staff Pick) I Will Remember – George Lynch (Staff Pick) - I would assume most people, when asked about George Lynch, will tell you their favorite song is “Mr. Scary”, which is indeed a classic. But not me. If you ask me, without even thinking, the answer would be “I Will Remember” from his “Sacred Groove” disk. “I Will Remember” is SUCH an excellent song in […]
Rusty Cooley Shredding at NAMM 2013 Rusty Cooley Shredding at NAMM 2013 - Another video of Rusty Cooley shredding it up! High quality video produced by Peavey. Master shredder Rusty Cooley performs at the Peavey Electronics booth at Winter NAMM 2013. Rusty gives an amazing performance showcasing the Peavey 6505 Series amplifiers.
Dominion from Rusty Cooley Dominion from Rusty Cooley - Having just re-listened to Rusty Cooley’s self-title album “Rusty Cooley”, I decided to take a look at some videos he has posted online. The first really good one I found is of him playing a song off of the above album. The track is entitled “Dominion.” This video really shows his prowess when it comes […]
Guitar Clinic with Kiko Loureiro Guitar Clinic with Kiko Loureiro - Below is a video taken by someone in attendance at Kiko Loureiro’s guitar clinic in Hong Kong on April 16th, 2014. The song is “El Guajiro” from the album “Sounds of Innocence” from 2012. I especially dig the sweep patterns and speed picking starting at the 1:55 mark, as well as the slower portion starting […]
Rusty Cooley - Rusty Cooley Rusty Cooley Self-Titled CD - This cd is great. Its one shred album that you can continue listening to. Rusty's playing showcases such mastery, from alternate picking to legato, this guitarist is seamless. Our favorite songs/parts: The heavy melody of “The Butcher”, especially the end portion Intro to “Dark Matter” The opening riff of “E.B.E.” “Jazzmine’s Song” Original Release Date: […]
Blues Jam – Eric Johnson and Andy Timmons Blues Jam – Eric Johnson and Andy Timmons - Found this video of two of my favorite players on stage together – Eric Johnson and Andy Timmons, joined by Mike Stern, doing a great blues number (I admit I do not know the title – please let me know if you know it). Although the quality is not superb, it sounds good enough. It […]
Concerto D’aranjuez by Uli Jon Roth Concerto D’aranjuez by Uli Jon Roth - I have been playing guitar now (personally) for over 20 years. And it amazes me, as I work on this site, how sheltered I have been in listening to guitar players. Sure, in the 80′s I had my Van Halen, and later Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and others (I’m not gonna mention all of the […]
Duel Between Rafael Bittencourt and Kiko Loureiro Duel Between Rafael Bittencourt and Kiko Loureiro - In working on a new tool for the Great Guitar website, I came a cross this video from Rafael Bittencourt and Kiko Loureiro. Admittedly, I have never heard of Rafael Bittencourt, and I only have recently learned of Kiko Loureiro from a news item related to Kiko Loureiro ‘Gray Stone Gateway’ Clip. Know that I […]
Guitar Gods Tour Guitar Gods Tour Announced - Legendary Swedish guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen will headline the Guitar Gods tour, set to take place in North America in June/July. Joining Malmsteen on all shows will be Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (from Guns N’ Roses), Uli Jon Roth (from Scorpions) and one of our personal favorites, Gary Hoey. Confirmed dates so far, according to Bumblefoot’s Facebook […]

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