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Animal Instinct - Gary Hoey Animal Instinct (Gary Hoey) - Just a fabulous album.  I was first turned onto this album after hearing "Hocus Pocus" one time on the radio.  I went and bought the tape (I know – WOW!) and checked it out.  I was not disappointed. It hits you right from the beginning with "Mass Hysteria", and then jumps from genre to genre […]
Travis Larson - Rate of Change Rate of Change (Travis Larson) - When I listen to TLB’s “Rate of Change” I take a journey. And as I listen again and again, I notice more and more of the musical scenery along the way. From the opening notes (and fancy footwork of drummer Dale Moon) of Sticks and Stones, the listener embarks on a path that varies from […]
Joe Satriani’s Always With Me, Always With You Joe Satriani’s Always With Me, Always With You - This is a live version of Joe Satriani playing his now classic “Always With Me, Always With You” during a commercial break on the Arsenio Hall show. Enjoy!
Ewan Dobson – Time 2 Ewan Dobson – Time 2 - This is EXACTLY why I started this website – to find myself guitar players I have never heard of, and spread the love! I was just posting a link on our Google+ Great Guitar page and I decided to click on our #GreatGuitar hashtag to see other posts added with the same hashtag. Most of […]
Uli Jon Roth Live! Uli Jon Roth Live! - In honor of the upcoming Guitar Gods tour, I found this live clip of Uli Jon Roth playing a show at the Jigsaw Saloon in Cleveland Ohio. October 10th 2008. Included in the performance are Marc Boals and Liz Vandall on vocals, Niklas Turmann on guitar, Martin Motinik on bass, Corvin Bahn on keyboards, and […]
Tony MacAlpine Live In L.A. (1996) Tony MacAlpine Live In L.A. (1996) - Another great video of Tony MacAlpine playing live. This is a full show from October 17th, 1996 at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles. Tony is joined by Kevin Chown on bass and Mike Terrana on drums. Track Listing: Kings Cup: 00:28 Sacred Wonder: 03:57 Empire In The Sky: 07:57 Sophisticated Domination: 12:55 Carolina Blue: […]
Key To the City – Tony MacAlpine Key To the City – Tony MacAlpine - More love for Tony on #TMACTuesday! Below is the official video for the song “Key To the City” from 1987′s “Maximum Security” (look for a review of the album on the site soon!). Long live the 80′s!
Tony MacAlpine Solo from Tokyo (2013) Tony MacAlpine Solo from Tokyo (2013) - Seeing that today is #TMACTuesday, I thought I would share the love and spread some Tony MacAlpine love! First up is a great solo performance by Tony in Tokyo off of the Portnoy Sheehan MacAlpine Sherinian Live in Tokyo DVD from 2013. This is Tony’s guitar solor. Enjoy!
Sacred Groove - George Lynch Sacred Groove – George Lynch - From the shred master of Dokken comes this great solo album.  One of my all-time favorite instrumental pieces is on this album.  Check out "I Will Remember." This album is an absolute Gem of artistic expression by George. I can’t stop listening to it. I’m never regretful to purchase anything from this Man. Lyrics could […]
Tierra Del Fuego by George Lynch Tierra Del Fuego by George Lynch - Last week I posted my thoughts on one of my favorite George Lynch songs “I Will Remember” from the album Sacred Groove. Another song NOT to be missed on this album is “Tierra Del Fuego.” Here’s a comment from Guitar Nine about the song that I was previously unaware of: “Tierra Del Fuego” is significant […]
Mr. Scary Live from George Lynch Mr. Scary Live from George Lynch - We cannot possibly post any George Lynch songs without posting the now infamous “Mr. Scary.” Below is a version shot live on the HDNet broadcast. It’s one of the better versions available for streaming. Nice close-ups of George shredding away! Listen, enjoy, and remember the awesome 80′s!
I will Remember – George Lynch (Staff Pick) I Will Remember – George Lynch (Staff Pick) - I would assume most people, when asked about George Lynch, will tell you their favorite song is “Mr. Scary”, which is indeed a classic. But not me. If you ask me, without even thinking, the answer would be “I Will Remember” from his “Sacred Groove” disk. “I Will Remember” is SUCH an excellent song in […]

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