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I Will Remember – George Lynch (Staff Pick)

I would assume most people, when asked about George Lynch, will tell you their favorite song is “Mr. Scary”, which is indeed a classic. But not me. If you ask me, without even thinking, the answer would be “I Will Remember” from his “Sacred Groove” disk.

“I Will Remember” is SUCH an excellent song in so many ways. It has the slow ballad feel as it starts out, with an awesome intro melody and great overall tone. It slowly begins to build, as at the 0:59 mark the main melody (or what I would call a chorus) is introduced, and at the 1:14 mark the 1st solo begins.

At the 2:12 mark is one of my favorite runs on any song ever, and the solo that it includes is awesome!

Overall, just an exceptional song. I just wish I was a better word-smith to truly describe the song the way it should be. Please give it a (re-)listen and let me know your thoughts.



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